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Abatas (Abatė)

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Abatas (Abatė) - Apskritai sapnuoti abatą yra blogas ženklas;
jei abatas klauso jūsų išpažinties arba teikia komuniją - ramybė, susitaikymas su tais kuriais susipykę;
jeigu sapnuojate, kad tampate ar esat abatas - tai reiškia šiuo metu vykstančios permainos į gerą;
o sapnuoti abatę - visapusiškai gerai ženklas, sėkmė garantuota.

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Sandy Smith
Dreaming of an abbot can have a range of meanings. Generally speaking, it is seen as a negative sign, as it can portend a loss or setback. It can represent a figure of authority in your life, particularly someone who may be imposing limits or restricting your freedom. Alternatively, the abbot could be a spiritual guide or mentor, offering guidance and protection. It can also signify a spiritual retreat, inner peace, and a period of contemplation or prayer. https://the2d3dfloorplancompany.com/
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